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What Is Artwork Vectorizing?

High quality print ready raster to vector conversion.

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Why Choose Edigitize?

  • Get a file vectorized and digitized without switching vendors
  • $19 or $29 for most vector files and $39+ for complex files
  • 24 hour standard turnaround
  • Hand redrawn artwork
  • All popular artwork formats accepted and produced
  • We accept jpg, pdf, bmp, psd, etc. and produce eps, ai, cdr files
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Note: Although very rare...sometimes extremely blurry or abnormally complicated designs may incur a higher fee, in which case you will be notified in advance. Call us at 1-877-349-6586.

Ever gotten some artwork from a customer and groaned when you saw what you had to work with? Maybe it was a sketch on a napkin, or a computer file that was “bitmapped” — it became jagged and unusable when you tried to resize it for your uses?

Here’s the problem:

Most of the common artwork file types such as “.jpg”, “.pdf,” “.psd” or “.bmp”, use a technology that “paints” your computer screen with just the right colors at just the right places to produce the image you see. These are called “bitmap” or “raster” images. The problem is that when you try to resize the file, your computer does not have the ability to reproduce the same quality image at a different size. These problems produce the common “bitmap” jagged look of an image like this:

That’s where we come in. We can convert that napkin art into a high quality vector file that you can use. Or, we can convert that bitmapped file into a file you can resize, edit and reuse forever.

Our Process:

1. All files are created in major vector formats

We cover all formats and the latest software versions: .eps, .ai, .cdr

2. All orders are hand drawn

We redraw all artwork by hand to produce the best vector file.

3. All orders are checked multiple times

We use a 4 step quality control process on each order.

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