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Edigitize For Franchises

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Why Choose Edigitize?

  • $30 flat rate for chest or hat designs*
  • $99 flat rate for full back designs*
  • $19 or $29 for most vector files and $39+ for complex files
  • 24 hour typical turnaround (We guarantee 72 hours)
  • Every 10th order is free ($30 value)
  • Free revisions to ensure your file sews or prints accurately
  • $15 edits for minor changes to digitized files
  • $6 name drops for sports teams/uniforms for digitized files
  • Check out our web solutions too!

*Read our policies to find out about complex designs.

Note: Although very rare, sometimes abnormally large or complicated designs may incur a higher fee, in which case you will be notified in advance. Call us at 1-877-349-6586.

As a franchisee or franchiser, you know the power of a good system. You know that if you set up an effective process and run that process over and over, you will get great results. You probably use the power of systems to offer diversified products with consistent quality at competitive prices.

We’ve got a great system to add into your mix. Our proprietary system delivers high quality artwork preparation services with competitive prices. We have the professional staff to deliver high quality digitized and vectorized files ready to be sewn or imprinted on apparel or other products, giving you the freedom to grow your business.

Introducing THE RIGHT MIX of price, quality, turnaround and service.

During our over seven years in the industry, we’ve carefully put together THE RIGHT MIX of price, quality, turnaround and service so that you can depend on us as a partner to help you grow your business.

Simplify your supply chain.

With Edigitize, you can get a file vectorized or digitized without switching vendors. So, if your customer wants both embroidered and screen printed apparel, you can get the artwork digitized and vectorized by us. Find out more about our digitizing or vectorizing services.

Trust experience...

With over seven years in the industry, we have the experience to help you succeed. Edigitize was started in 2002 by some franchisees who were frustrated with the typical digitizing process. Thousands of digitized files later, our proprietary online order management system, quality control process and great customer service have helped shape the industry and continue to keep us on the cutting edge of artwork preparation.

Control your artwork!

If you outsource your decorating, you can still maintain control of your artwork by working directly with us. Rather than letting your decorator do the artwork preparation, chose Edigitize and retain control over your supply chain, while not getting bogged down in production issues.

Allow your decorator to work directly with us.

With a My Edigitize account, you can create agent accounts so that your decorator can download completed files and if necessary, request revisions. You get the best of both worlds since you can manage your artwork and your decorator can directly access files so you don’t have to juggle files or revision requests.


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